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About Bryan McVicar

Bryan grew up in the rugged New Zealand back country, where much of their farm was only accessible by horseback. Learning to ride was a necessity on the farm. As a teenager Bryan found himself competing at local events, both dressage and jumping, and soon realised that horses were to be more than just a hobby for him.

Bryan decided to try his hand at breaking in some young horses. Bryan’s initial methods were heavily influenced by his father and uncles, who demonstrated ‘the old stockman’ styles of working with horses. However, roping of legs and tying horses up never sat well with Bryan and he went in search of other horsemanship styles wherever he could.



Bryan was first introduced to the concept of natural horsemanship by an article about Ray Hunt in the Western Horseman followed closely by an article about Pat Parelli. Inspired by training techniques he read about in the Western Horseman magazine, Bryan quickly developed a reputation for being handy with a young horse.


As a young man, Bryan competed in a variety of disciplines. Showjumping, eventing, endurance, showing & hunting. Although it was the refinement and athleticism of dressage that really captured Bryans’ heart and became his passion.


Bryan began horse training full time in the 1990s and during this time, had the opportunity to do a clinic with Pat Parelli. The information that Pat imparted to Bryan was such a quantum leap in knowledge that  he pursued the Parelli program for the next six years and achieved level three in Parelli Natural Horsemanship. Building on this as a foundation, Bryan learnt from and continues to learn from many other horsemen. Over the years Bryan has worked with and drawn influence from Ken Faulkner, Ray Hunt, Monty Roberts, Martin Black and Tom Dorrance.



Bryan has a reputation as one of the best colt starters in New Zealand. Working both from home and regularly travelling around New Zealand, both starting young horses and teaching.


Bryan’s passion has become about passing on the knowledge he has accumulated over many years or working with and observing horses. Bryan is a very effective teacher.


From beginner level, kids and nervous adults, right through to helping top level riders achieve finesse in their movements.

Bryan’s dressage and competition background gives him a unique skill set –of being able to help your horse work like an athlete and bring out the best in performance possible. All doing so working with the horse’s mind.

Never forced into a frame.

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