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Make a western saddle in 2 weeks. Come to our fully equipped workshop and build a saddle with tuition from Bryan McVicar.


Bryan is a saddle maker with many years of experience , he has built saddles for his family and himself for 25 years now, recently due to huge demand he started making saddles for the public and included saddle making courses as an option for his clients .

 Bryans ability as a saddle maker is enhanced by years spent training and riding horses, Having a saddle that fits well became paramount to success with horses. To this end he is very fussy about making sure the tree ordered for your saddle will fit both you and your horse. Also simple things like how your saddle is rigged effects how comfortable it is for your horse. He does not follow fashion trends but sticks to what he knows is correct and best for your horse.

During the course you are taught the 3 major skills of leatherworking ,cutting , shaping and stitching leather , then applying it to your saddle. Like all construction the work starts out slowly but then once the foundation of the saddle is laid it is amazing how quickly it comes together .


 The course is limited to 3 students , accommodation is offered on site at $115 per night which includes a room , meals and wifi plus shared bathroom.

The atmosphere is friendly and you will find Bryan a very able and competent teacher. The goal is for you to finish your saddle complete with border stamping by the end of the two weeks.

 So far all of our students treat the course as a retreat and have had a wonderful time.



Cost of the course at this time is $5300 + GST

Accommodation is $115  per night inclusive of gst

Free Pick up and drop off at Ch Ch airport

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