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As a horse trainer and clinician I adopted the rope halter as a basic tool very early in my career.  For years I have made my own halters and improving the design and materials believing this to be the ultimate rope halter. I altered the knot placement until I felt I had the design as good as it could possibly be and developed a range of sizes to fit foals and ponies right through to draught horses.


However, there was something that continued to bug me about the classic rope halter design. When a horse acts up in one of these halters, no matter how well designed, the halters will ride up, into the horses eye. I tried everything to remedy this in my halter design and knot placement but eventually just accepted it as a down side of the rope halter.


Then I had a breakthrough.


What if I put a ring on the heel knot and fed the noseband through that?! Then if things went pear shaped with the horse, the noseband simply would run through the ring, up the side of the horses head, with virtually no movement in the halter at all. The basic halter stays in place on the horses head and does not ride up into the eye in the same way as the classic rope halter design. This slight change in pressure helps to prevent head tilting, with the added bonus that the horses head is encouraged to turn inwards on the circle when pressure is applied with the halter.


This idea like all good ones is simple, a straight forward solution to a long-standing problem. Because of the basic slide action of this new design I call this halter the Slide halter. I know anyone who tries this new design will be amazed by the difference, as I was. I now use only this style of halter and believe in it unconditionally.


The revolutionary new Slide Halter is only available to purchase through Equine Excellence. It is available in our full range of colours and sizes.


Small for foals & ponies, Medium for yearling to hacks, Arabian for horses with fine heads, Large for big hacks and draught breeds.


These halters are made from our own special formulation of top quality polyester braid and is machine washable.

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